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Cost: $2000
Delivery Time: 3-7 Days
Payment Terms: 6 Payments

$1000 First Payment
$200 Per month for 5 Months

So your first deposit to start off will be billed for $1,000. Then $200 per month will be financed for a period of 5 months.


Chaplain Training Campus Online



What’s Included: 

1.  A website similar to see the picture below or look at this current site with the online training system.

2.  A built in affiliate system that allows affiliates or brokers who would like to get a referral fee for referring you clients and get paid for it. This system pays in 2 levels. 10% on Level 1 & 10% on Level 2. So an affiliate gets paid off of their referrals and from their referal referals. This is will help with the marketing and the success of this system.

3.  The online training system will come with 3 courses already loaded that will automatically deliver the courses to each customer as soon as they pay for them.

4.  The ability to receive money online from your students. Your students can pay you directly into your paypal account and everything is tracked into the billing and affiliate system. There is 100% accountability.

5.  Two hours of training that will show you how to run your own online campus. 

6. You will become a Masters Chaplain which entitle you to train other Chaplains.


chaplain satellite


What’s Required of you:

1.  Pay the $2000 Setup Fee and this will allow you to have your own satellite of American International Christian Chaplains Association to train your own students online. The seteup fee is broken up into 6 payments. The first payment will be $1,000. The next 5 payments will be for the amount of $200.

2.  Pay for the Marketing of your new campus.  (We can provide a company for this)

Introduce your new system to affilates and have them bring in customers and then they get paid weekly via the system automatically. They must have a paypal account so that the payment is automatic.

3.  Get people to sign up and study. (Support STAFF is available at an additional fee)

4.  Profit sharing is listed below:

$99 Chaplain Special:            50%  / 50%                  You keep the 50%, we get the 50%
$399 Chaplain Program:         75%  / 25%                  You keep the 75%, we get the 25%
$75 Yearly Renewals:             60% / 40%                   You keep the 60% we get the 40%
$399 Lifetime Renewals:         60% / 40%                   You keep the 60% we get the 40%

5.  Operational Cost = $50 a month to keep your campus up on the internet. (Paid to an outside company.)

6.  Purchase supplies from us to operate your campus successfully.  Costs are listed below.  You will be getting everything at wholesale:

Certificate = $49 Regular Price          |           Your Price $19

Badge = $99 Regular Price                 |           Your Price $69

Wallet = $30 Regular Price                 |           Your Price $15

ID Card = $30 Regular Price              |           Your Price $15

Shipping & Handling = $5 & up depending on the size of the order



On Level 1 - If an affiliate refers a sale to the site for $399, then that affiliate will be paid 10% of the sale which is $39.

On Level 2 - If Jane Smith which was refered by Affiliate John Smith brings in people to sign up, each paying $399, then:

John Smith who referred Jane Smith gets 10% of Jane Smith $39. So John Smith on Level 2 will receive $3.90 of of every sale that his direct referral Jane Smith receives.

The affiliate system only pays on 2 Levels. Payouts are made weekly via paypal and every affiliate needs to have a paypal account. The system automatically tracks everything and issues payment weekly on automatic pilot.



Courses Included:


Crisis Counseling






Pastoral Psychology




New Covenant











This 8 Session Course deals with how to counsel individuals during various critical stages and situations. It offers sound spiritual advice to counselors involved in this very delicate type of counseling.  Most of the patients a Chaplain will minister to will be involved in or going through some kind of difficult crisis, this gives the Chaplain Ministry some more tools to be equipped in dealing with the people receiving Ministry.



This 8 Session Course deals with special situations involving pastors such as: hospital visitation, proper behavior during counseling and much more. It's another timely addition to the Chaplain's Ministry Toolbox.



This 8 Session Course deals with an in-depth study of Covenants God made and the New Covenant He made with mankind through the death of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Although it's not a Mandatory Study Course to obtain a Chaplaincy Certificate, it is a highly recommended Course in which many New Testament Sacraments are better understood such as; Water Baptism, Communion, etc...



Terms and conditions can change at anytime but will be submitted to all partners in writing. When you purchase this satellite you are given permission to use the courses only under the the covering of American International Christian Chaplains Association and for that purpose only. You cannot start your own school after and use the same courses and campus materials if you decide to go off on your own or join another institution/organization. All these materials in this contract are for partnership purposes only with American International Christian Chaplains Association. If you want to go independent and keep the courses then there is a "Buy Out Fee" that have to be paid which can be discussed with an administrator of AICCA.



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